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Table 2 Summary and timeline of outcome measures for intervention and comparison communities

From: A quasi-experimental study to mobilize rural low-income communities to assess and improve the ecological environment to prevent childhood obesity

Measure/ variable Target audience Tool Year 1 Year 2 (PRE) Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 (POST)
Coalition self-assessments Community coalition members    x x x x
Parental perceptions and practices Low-income parents of preschool age children living in project communities Active Where [17]   x    x
Community-at-large environment Project communities CHLI [18]   x    x
Neighborhood environment Project community neighborhoods CHLI [18]   x    x
Early Childhood Center policies and practices Project community early childhood centers CHLI [18]   x    x
Project Reflections Project staff, coaches    x x x x
Interviews Coalition members, coaches       x
Ripple effect mapping Community coalition members       x
  1. CHLI Community Healthy Living Index