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Table 1 Differences in modelling ischaemic heart disease mortality between the 2014 GSRAH and this paper

From: Modelling the impact of alcohol consumption on cardiovascular disease mortality for comparative risk assessments: an overview

  New algorithms Algorithms from GSRAH
Risk relation curve up to 100 g/day based on [5]; RR ≥ 1 after 60 g/day based on [5]; RR ≥ 1 after 60 g/day
Risk relation curve for 100 g+/day Yes, modelled based on [21, 22] Not included, set to 1
Impact of binge drinking in persons who drink on average less than 60 g/day Yes [6] Yes [6]
Modelling the sick quitter effect in former drinkers Only for high-income countries where the literature of alcohol RRs for former drinkers originated (see Additional file 1: Web appendix 2) [36] For all countries, ex-drinkers were modelled with the increased risk of all-cause mortality RRs
Age-specific risk relations For global estimates and for Russia and surrounding countries; the latter RRs were based on specific Russian data [34, 35]. Details are described in Additional file 1: Web-Appendix 4. Only for global