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Table 7 Cluster analysis of MeSH terms (Topic4)

From: Particulate matter and atherosclerosis: a bibliometric analysis of original research articles published in 1973–2014

Cluster MeSH terms
5 Objects: Endothelial Cells; Cell Line
Study designs and methods: Cells Cultured; Dose–response Relationship-drug; Microscopy
Contents/Mechanisms: RNA Messenger; Gene Expression; Gene Expression Regulation; Up-Regulation; Antigens-CD; Heme Oxygenase-1, Tyrosine
Main outcome variables: Vasoconstriction; Myocardium
7 Contents/Mechanisms: Oxidative Stress; Superoxide Dismutase,Oxidants; Mitochondria; DNA-Mitochondrial, DNA Damage
8 Objects: Animals; Mice; Mice-Knockout; Disease Models- Animal
Contents/Mechanisms: Aorta; Apolipoproteins E
Main outcome variables: Atherosclerosis