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Table 5 Cluster analysis of MeSH terms (Topic2)

From: Particulate matter and atherosclerosis: a bibliometric analysis of original research articles published in 1973–2014

Cluster MeSH terms
2 Objects: Aged-80 and over; Ethnic Groups; Continental Population Groups; Europe; USA; Spouses
Exposure variables: Air Pollutants; Air Pollution; Air Pollution-Indoor; Environmental Exposure; Occupational Exposure; Environmental Monitoring; Soot; Nitrogen Dioxide; Nitrogen Oxides
Designs/Methods: Epidemiologic Studies; Cohort Studies; Prospective Studies; Cross-Sectional Studies; Follow-Up Studies; Questionnaires; Prevalence; Odds Rati; Proportional Hazards Models; Multivariate Analysis; Logistic Models; Longitudinal Studies; Linear Models; Confidence Intervals
Main outcome variables: Carotid Intima-Media Thickness; Carotid Artery Diseases; Stroke; Cardiovascular Diseases; Vascular Calcification; Respiratory Tract Diseases; Pulmonary Disease-Chronic Obstructive; Lung Neoplasms; Neoplasms; Occupational Diseases; Sensitivity and Specificity; Tomography X-Ray Computed; Predictive Value of Test; Public Health; Comorbidity; Hospitalization; Cause of Death
Factors: Time Factors; Sex Factors; Age Factors; Socioeconomic Factors; Life Style; Obesity; Health Behavior; Health Status
4 Lesions: Tunica Intima; Carotid Arteries; Tunica Media