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Table 4 Summary of focus group findings, with illustrative quotes

From: Accessing and engaging women from socio-economically disadvantaged areas: a participatory approach to the design of a public health intervention for delivery in a Bingo club

Focus group findings Illustrative quotes
There are different but overlapping motivations for attending the Bingo club and playing the game of Bingo. Key motivations among many women for attendance are socialising and enjoyment, while many feel that taking part in Bingo has cognitive benefits for them. “It keeps the wee grey cells going” [laughs]. Participant 1 focus group 4
“It’s a great thing for older people just keeps you as you say alert, that’s it. Plus the company”. Participant 3 focus group 1
“Everyone says ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ and that’s about it, basically why we come isn’t it”. Participant 4 focus group 6
“To me it’s a day out on a Friday, this is my day out and I thoroughly enjoy it”. Participant 3 focus group 4
“I love it. Well I enjoy it” [agreement]. Participant 3 focus group 5
In terms of what women perceive constitutes a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating was more frequently mentioned and discussed than physical activity. Many women already consider themselves to be busy and active, and eat healthily. “Well I’ve got two Scottish Deerhounds …erm… that says it all I think and I’ve got to walk them every day. Erm… and it’s miles you walk it’s, my Deerhound is big but I do walk miles every day …erm… and that’s a huge part of your life.” Participant 2 focus group 2.
“I can eat anything but I like home made things I like to make everything from scratch, I don’t buy ready meals, I don’t like them, I have to cook like, yesterday I had my daughter coming for her dinner and I had, I made homemade soup, then I made mince with butter beans in it and…”. Participant 4 focus group 4
“I think that is how half of us are living as long for the simple reason we had good food when we were younger and as I say once, well I’m left on my own now, and as I say you just make good with whatever you feel like but I mean we were never brought up to waste food and that and the amount of food that is wasted now is something terrible.” Participant 4 focus group 5
There is scepticism as to whether the Bingo club is an appropriate setting for a physical activity intervention, although some women remain open-minded about this. Many women come to Bingo to relax and for them physical activity contradicts this perceived benefit. “And say you are doing this and you are doing that and you will get a lot of them will not do it but I think you would get a lot that would” Participant 2 focus group 1
“And some of them would maybe tell you to bugger off” [laughs]. Participant 1 focus group 6
“It would be interesting to know what you do do but I don’t think it would interest a lot of people that come here to be quite honest as long as they are getting a game of bingo and going out for a cigarette and getting a pint at the bar…”. Participant 2 focus group 6
“Anyway they want to play their mini bingo before the bingo starts so where would you have time to do exercise”. Participant 1 focus group 3
“Because folk go to the bingo and they just want to go to the bingo and no strings attached”. Participant 3 focus group 3
Any planned intervention needs to exploit the social motivation and habitual nature of attendance at the Bingo club. “Creatures of habit” [agreement and laughter]. Participant 3 focus group 3
“But a lot of people, well that’s what we all do but there’s a lot of people have set days for doing things.” Participant 2 focus group 6
“And a lot of them are all set in their ways and everything…”. Participant 3 focus group 6
“Uhuh I mean that’s like a lot of folk that have got busy life and they go to the bingo for a set day and have a blether with folk…”. Participant 4 focus group 5
It is important that any intervention planned in the Bingo club setting does not take women away from their primary reason for being there (Bingo) and the core business of the club (to make money). This very strong view is shared by players and staff. “They are wanting to make money.” Participant 1 focus group 3
“But can you imagine the management not putting on mini bingo that’s where they get their money. Participant 1 focus group 6