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Table 1 Description of items from the HBSC questionnaire used in this study

From: Lack of parental rule-setting on eating is associated with a wide range of adolescent unhealthy eating behaviour both for boys and girls

  Wording of the question Options Dichotomisation
Eating-related parental rules    
Breakfast mandatory Breakfast is a mandatory part of the day in my family. Always <mostly
Meal in front of TV allowed My parents allow me to eat (lunch and dinner) in front of the television or computer. Mostly  
Sweets and soft drinks consumption family rules My parents allow me to eat sweets and drink sweetened beverages (e.g. Coca Cola, Fanta…) when I want and how much I want. Never  
Eating patterns    
Breakfast on weekends How often do you usually have breakfast (more than a glass of milk or fruit juice)? I never have breakfast <five weekdays
Breakfast on weekdays Please tick one box for weekdays and one box for weekend One day <two days (weekend)
   Two days  
   Three days  
   Four days  
   Five days  
Low fruit consumption How many times a week do you usually eat or drink….? Never Fruits and vegetables consumption
Low vegetables consumption   Less than once a week <once a day
High soft drinks consumption   Once a week Soft drinks and sweets consumption
High sweets consumption   2–4 days a week >5–6 days a week
High energy drinks consumption   5–6 days a week  
   Once a day, every day Energy drinks consumption > once a week
   Every day, more than once  
Perceived family wealth    
Low family affluence How well off do you think your family is? Very well off <average
   Quite well off  
   Not so well off  
   Not at all well off