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Table 2 Percentage of patients that switched cardiovascular drug therapy

From: The effect of adherence to statin therapy on cardiovascular mortality: quantification of unmeasured bias using falsification end-points

Drugs switched % of patients that switched
Simvastatin (C10AA01) to Atorvastatin (C10AA05) 12.0 %
Atorvastatin (C10AA05) to Simvastatin (C10AA01) 9.0 %
Gemfibrozil (C10AB04) to Simvastatin (C10AA01) 6.8 %
Simvastatin (C10AA01) to Gemfibrozil (C10AB04) 6.8 %
Simvastatin (C10AA01) to Rosuvastatin (C10AA07) 5.8 %
Gemfibrozil (C10AB04) to Atorvastatin (C10AA05) 5.6 %
Atorvastatin (C10AA05) to Gemfibrozil (C10AB04) 5.6 %
Other combinations <5.0 % each