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Table 3 The 10 meal principles for the intervention kindergartens

From: Study protocol for a multi-component kindergarten-based intervention to promote healthy diets in toddlers: a cluster randomized trial

  Meal principle
1 Eat together with the children in your group, and contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable meal
2 Be aware that you are a role model at the table
3 Adults are the ones who decide the kind of food that is served
4 Always serve the lunch dishes with a positive attitude
5 Respect children’s right to have their own tastes; no taste is right or wrong
6 Encourage the children to serve themselves, providing guidance, assistance, and support
7 Encourage the children to eat with the least assistance
8 The child decides if he/she will eat or not. They are allowed to be picky
9 Be aware and respect the child’s signals of fullness, thirst, or hunger
10 Never use food or beverages as rewards, punishments, or emotion regulation