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Table 2 Factor groupings and weights used for risk maps

From: A multi-criteria decision analysis approach to assessing malaria risk in northern South America

Factor Factor groupings Factor weight
AHPa Equalb Access relatedc Environment/Climate relatedd
Distance from deforested patches Access 0.0996 ~0.11 0.14 0.06
Population density 0.0593
Distance from roads 0.0379
Distance from urban areas 0.0420
Distance from wetlands 0.1391
Elevation Environmental/Climatic 0.1680 0.075 0.175
Precipitation 0.1784
Temperature 0.2006
TWI 0.0751
  1. aFactors weighed based on ecological relationship with mosquitoes and malaria
  2. bNo difference in weighting
  3. cAccess more important (group weight sum up to 0.70)
  4. dEnvironment/Climate related factors more important (group weight sum up to 0.70)
  5. TWI Topographic Wetness Index