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Table 3 Summary of suggested causal pathways relating to marriage

From: The impact of armed conflict on adolescent transitions: a systematic review of quantitative research on age of sexual debut, first marriage and first birth in young women under the age of 20 years

  Involuntary Gender and psycho-social Economic and material
Marriage increase Increased opportunity for social contact between the sexes Fear of sexual violence or loss of honour for unmarried women leads to marriage at younger ages Disruption in girls schooling leading to earlier marriage/childbirth
  Increased competition for remaining males as marriage partners Desire for increased social cohesion Increased poverty leading to transactional marriages/early marriage to gain bride price
   Increased pro-natalism and conservatism supports early marriage and childbirth  
Marriage decrease Disruption and separation of the sexes   Cost of marriage, lack of employment opportunities and destruction of infrastructure
  Lack of available males due to conscription and differential mortality