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Table 4 Adjusted odds ratio estimatesa for factors associated with intention to attend for HPV-CCS

From: Correlates of women’s intentions to be screened for human papillomavirus for cervical cancer screening with an extended interval

Dependent variable Independent variables Adjusted OR 95 % CI
“I would be willing to have an HPV test to screen for cervical cancer after the age of 25 and every 4 years instead of a Pap smear every year after becoming sexually active” Attitudes to HPV testing every 4 years after the age of 25 (A22) 1.26 (1.23, 1.30)
Perceived Behavioural Control (PBC15-18) 1.06 (1.02, 1.10)
Education 0.59 (0.37, 0.93)
  1. a Stepwise logistic regression was used to select final variables from full multivariable model (variables with p value ≤0.2 in univariate analysis were considered for multivariable model)