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Table 1 WHO recommended vaccine schedule for adolescentsa, b. Caption: the WHO recommended schedule of vaccines for adolescents (10–19 years of age inclusive), if not given prior to age 10 years

From: Factors influencing completion of multi-dose vaccine schedules in adolescents: a systematic review

Recommended vaccines for all adolescents Adolescent dosage Licensed age
 Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis 3 doses Tdapa & Td Booster Infant onwards
 Human papillomavirus 2 doses if ≤15 years ≥9 years
3 doses thereafter
 Meningococcal conjugate MenA: 1 dose Infant onwards
MenC: 1 dose
MCV4: 1 dose
 Influenza 1 dose Yearly booster ≥9 years
 Hepatitis A 1 dose Infant onwards
 Hepatitis B 3 dosesa Infant onwards
 Measles, Mumps, Rubella 1 dosea Infant onwards
Recommended in at-risk areas Adolescent dosage Licensed age
 Tick borne encephalitis 3 doses Infant onwards
 Japanese encephalitis 1 dose Infant onwards
 Typhoid Vi polysaccharide: 1 dose Infant onwards
Ty21a live oral vaccine: 3–4 doses
Booster 3–7 years after primary series
 Cholera Dukoral, Shanchol & mORCVAX: 2 doses booster every 2nd yr ≥2 years
 Rabies 3 doses Infant onwards
 Varicella 2 doses ≥9–12 months
  1. aRecommended schedule if not administered prior to age 10 years
  2. bWorld Health Organization. WHO recommendations for routine immunization - summary tables - 2014