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Table 3 Summary of included studies

From: Facilitators for the development and implementation of health promoting policy and programs – a scoping review at the local community level

Study Design Country of origin Level of examination (local/national/intl.) Major theories and/or concepts discussed
Annor, S. and P. Allen. Why is it difficult to promote public mental health? A study of policy implementation at local level. J Public Ment Health. 2009;7:4:17-29. Case study England Local - Community Implementation of public mental health policy; health promotion; partnerships
Austin, G., et al. Translating research to practice: using the RE-AIM framework to examine an evidence-based physical activity intervention in primary school settings. Health Promot Pract. 2011. Mixed methods Australia Local - School Physical activity program using RE-AIM framework to guide identification of barriers and facilitators; health promotion; translation
Axelsson, R. and S. B. Axelsson. Integration and collaboration in public health—a conceptual framework. Int J Health Plan M. 2006;21:1:75-88. Exploratory Sweden Not specified Development of a framework for inter-organizational collaboration across sectors; differentiation; cooperation; multi-disciplinary teams
Barry, M. M. Researching the implementation of community mental health promotion programs. Health Promotion J Austr. 2007;18:3:240-46. Case study Ireland Local - Community Rural mental health project highlighting factors contributing to success
Batras, D., et al. Organizational change theory: implications for health promotion practice. Health Promot Int. 2014. Review Australia Not specified Review of organizational change models to address strategies for adoption of key theoretical insights when implementing health promotion initiatives in diverse settings; capacity building
Berkeley, D. and J. Springett. From rhetoric to reality: Barriers faced by Health For All initiatives. Soc Sci Med. 2006;63:1:179-88. Mixed methods England National Barriers to implementing Health for All initiatives; Healthy Cities; Health Action Zones
Bloch, P., et al. Revitalizing the setting approach–supersettings for sustainable impact in community health promotion. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2014;11:1:118. Case study Denmark Local - Municipality Super settings; health promotion; integration; participation:empowerment; sustainable development; action research
Brownson, R. C., et al. Translating epidemiology into policy to prevent childhood obesity: the case for promoting physical activity in school settings. Ann Epidemiol. 2010;20:6:436-44. Case study USA Local - School Investigates policy relevant evidence for promoting physical activity in youth
Cacari-Stone, L., et al. The promise of community-based participatory research for health equity: a conceptual model for bridging evidence with policy. Am J Public Health. 2014;104:9:1615-23. Case study USA Local - Community Community-based participatory research (CBPR) partnerships contribution to policy-making for health equity; evidence to policy; participation; civic engagement
Chappell, N., et al. Multilevel community health promotion: How can we make it work? Community Dev J. 2006;41:3:352-66. Case study Canada Local - Regional/Community Project identifying strategies for implementing multi-level projects; health promotion
Corburn, J., et al. Health in All Urban Policy: city services through the prism of health. J Urban Health. 2014;91:4:623-36. Case study USA Local - City Health in all Policies strategies; urban governance; equity; city planning; healthy cities
Dooris, M. Joining up settings for health: a valuable investment for strategic partnerships? Crit Public Health. 2004;14:1:49-61. Review England Local - not specified History, theory, and context of healthy settings strategy
Eriksson, C. C., et al. Academic practice–policy partnerships for health promotion research: Experiences from three research programs. Scand J Public Health. 2014;42:15suppl:88-95. Case study Sweden National Explores factors that foster Academic Practice Policy (APP) partnerships
Frahsa, A., et al. Enabling the powerful? Participatory action research with local policymakers and professionals for physical activity promotion with women in difficult life situations. Health Promot Int. 2014;29:1:171-84. Case study Germany Local - Community Investigates enabling in relation to policy makers engaged in cooperative planning; health promotion; community-based participatory research (CBPR); physical activity
Franks, H., et al. Public health interventions and behaviour change: Reviewing the grey literature. Public Health. 2012;126:1:12-7. Review England Not specified Factors facilitating and inhibiting effective interventions; public health; grey literature; health promotion
Glanz, K. and D. B. Bishop. The role of behavioral science theory in development and implementation of public health interventions. Annu Rev Public Health. 2010;31:399-418. Review USA Not specified Theories used for design and implementation of health promotion interventions; health behavior; ecological perspective
Hendriks, A.-M., et al. Local government officials' views on intersectoral collaboration within their organization – A qualitative exploration. Health Policy and Technol. 2014. Interview Netherlands Local - Municipality Explores local policy makers views on intersectoral collaboration; integrated public health policy; Health in all policies
Israel, B. A., et al. Community-based participatory research: lessons learned from the Centers for Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research. Environ Health Persp. 2005;1463-71. Case study USA Local - Children’s centers Recommendations for effective implementation of Community-based participatory research (CBPR); collaborative research; partnerships
Jansen, M. W., et al. Public health: disconnections between policy, practice and research. Health Res Policy Syst. 2010;8:37. Review Netherlands Local - General Explores disconnections between policy, practice, and research cycles
Jansson, E. V. and P. E. Tillgren. Health promotion at local level: a case study of content, organization and development in four Swedish municipalities. BMC Public Health. 2010;10:1. Case study Sweden Local - Municipality Understand content, organization, and process in the development of health promotion
Jansson, E., et al. National public health policy in a local context--implementation in two Swedish municipalities. Health Policy. 2011;103:2-3:219-27. Case study Sweden Local - Municipality Investigates public health policies; multilevel governance; policy implementation
Jilcott, S., et al. Applying the RE-AIM framework to assess the public health impact of policy change. Ann Behav Med. 2007;34:2:105-14. Case study USA National Application of the RE-AIM framework to evaluate health policy
Juneau, C.-E., et al. Evidence-based health promotion: an emerging field. Glob Health Promot. 2011;18:1:79-89. Case study Canada Not specified Analysis of research in practice; evidence-based practice; health promotion
Kegler, M. C., et al. The role of community context in planning and implementing community-based health promotion projects. Eval Program Plann. 2011;34:3:246-53. Mixed methods USA Local - Community Identify major themes in collaborative planning and implementation of health promotion projects
Koelen, M. A., et al. What is needed for coordinated action for health? Fam Pract. 2008;25 Suppl 1:i25-i31. Review Netherlands Not specified Identify factors important in achieving and sustaining coordinated action for health; client involvement; participation
Kok, M. O., et al. Practitioner opinions on health promotion interventions that work: Opening the ‘black box’of a linear evidence-based approach. Soc Sci Med. 2012;74:5:715-23. Interview Netherlands Local - Municipality Identify factors that contribute to success of health interventions; evidence-based; knowledge translation; decentralization; actor-network theory
Koller, T., et al. Addressing the socioeconomic determinants of adolescent health: experiences from the WHO/HBSC Forum 2007. International Journal of Public Health. 2009;54:2:278-84. Descriptive Various International Explore experiences from researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners; forum; socioeconomics; adolescent health; determinants
Kreuter, M. W., et al. Evaluating community-based collaborative mechanisms: Implications for practitioners. Health Promot Pract. 2000;1:1:49-63. Review USA Not specified Investigate reasons why literature on community based coalition strategies show marginal health systems change
Krieger, J., et al. Using community-based participatory research to address social determinants of health: lessons learned from Seattle Partners for Healthy Communities. Health Educ Behav. 2002;29:3:361-82. Case study USA Local - Community Collaboration on the social determinants of health; multidisciplinary; collaboration; social support; housing
Larsen, M., et al. Intersectoral action for health: the experience of a Danish municipality. Scand J Public Health. 2014;42:7:649-57. Case study Denmark Local - Municipality Experiences using intersectoral action for health; identify facilitators and barriers; health in all policies; collaboration
Laverack, G. and R. Labonte. A planning framework for community empowerment goals within health promotion. Health Policy Plann. 2000;15:3:255-62. Descriptive Australia Local - Community Framework for health promotion planners, implementers, and evaluators to consider community empowerment in top-down initiatives
Layde, P. M., et al. A model to translate evidence-based interventions into community practice. Am J Public Health. 2012;102:4:617-24. Descriptive USA Local - Community Modification of existing model for incorporating evidence-based public health; Community health improvement process (CHIP)
Matheson, A., et al. Complexity, evaluation and the effectiveness of community-based interventions to reduce health inequalities. Health Promot J Austr. 2009;20:3:221-26. Case study New Zealand Local - Community Complexity theory; whole systems approach; health inequalities
Metzler, M. M., et al. Addressing urban health in Detroit, New York City, and Seattle through community-based participatory research partnerships. Am J Public Health. 2003;93:5:803-11. Case study USA Local - Community Urban research centers activities using community based participatory research (CBPR)
Minkler, M. Community-based research partnerships: challenges and opportunities. J Urban Health. 2005;82:ii3-ii12. Case study USA Local - Community Healthy communities project with successful implementation of Participatory action research (PAR)
Minkler, M. Using Participatory Action Research to build Healthy Communities. Public Health Rep. 2000;115:2-3:191. Case study USA Local - Community Illustrate difficulties and opportunities for implementing community based participatory research (CBPR) approach; ethics;partnerships; urban health
Naaldenberg, J., et al. Elaborating on systems thinking in health promotion practice. Glob Health Promot. 2009;16:1:39-47. Exploratory Netherlands Local - Community Highlights concepts important for practical application of systems thinking in health promotion practice; complexity; collaboration
Ollila, E. Health in all policies: from rhetoric to action. Scand J Public Health. 2011;39:6:11-8. Exploratory Finland International Analysis of intersectoral health policy-making and opportunities for strengthening implementation of health in all policies; equity
Peters, D., et al. Manifestations of integrated public health policy in Dutch municipalities. Health Promot Int. 2014. Case study Netherlands Local - Municipality Investigates the development and implementation of integrated public health policy; determinants of health; multisectoral
Poland, B., et al. Settings for health promotion: an analytic framework to guide intervention design and implementation. Health Promot Pract. 2009;10:4:505-16. Framework Canada Not specified Analytical framework to analyze features of a setting that influences implementation of interventions; analysis framework; health promotion; school
Raphael, D. Challenges to promoting health in the modern welfare state: The case of the Nordic nations. Scand J Public Health. 2014;42:1:7-17. Exploratory Canada National Investigates the Nordic welfare state and challenges related to health promotion efforts; public policy
Rohrbach, L. A., et al. TYPE II translation transporting prevention interventions from research to real-world settings. Eval Health Prof. 2006;29:3:302-33. Case study USA Local - Community/School Type II translation of prevention interventions; adoption; dissemination; training; prevention
Schilling, J. M., et al. Connecting active living research and public policy: transdisciplinary research and policy interventions to increase physical activity. J Public Health Pol. 2009;S1-S15. Review USA International Evaluates policy initiatives and research in health promotion; translation of research to policy; physical activity; built environment
Shareck, M., et al. Reducing social inequities in health through settings-related interventions -- a conceptual framework. Glob Health Promot. 2013;20:2:39-52. Review Canada Not specified Theory and practice of the settings approach; health promotion; social inequities
Skutle, A., et al. A community-based prevention program in western Norway: Organisation and progression model. Addict Behav. 2002;27:6:977-88. Case study Norway Local - County/Municipality/Community Systemic organization in various settings; health promotion;
Sogoric, S., et al. A naturalistic inquiry on the impact of interventions aiming to improve health and the quality of life in the community. Soc Sci Med. 2005;60:1:153-64. Mixed methods Croatia Local - City Describe facilitators of health promotion efficiency and indicators of success; impact assessment
Steenbakkers, M., et al. Challenging Health in All Policies, an action research study in Dutch municipalities. Health Policy. 2012;105:2-3:288-95. Pre-test, Post-test Netherlands Local - Municipality Coaching program and evaluation used to improve the use of health in all policies; intersectoral; integrated local health policy; obesity
Storm, I., et al. Opportunities to reduce health inequalities by ‘Health in All Policies’ in the Netherlands: An explorative study on the national level. Health Policy. 2011;103:2:130-40. Mixed methods Netherlands National Explores opportunities to reduce health inequalities using health in all policies; socioeconomic; intersectoral collaboration
Swanson, R. C., et al. Rethinking health systems strengthening: key systems thinking tools and strategies for transformational change. Health Policy Plann. 2012;27 Suppl 4:iv54-61. Exploratory USA Local/National Theoretical foundation and proposed tools in support of a comprehensive systems thinking perspective to guide health practice; global health
Wallerstein, N. and B. Duran. Community-based participatory research contributions to intervention research: the intersection of science and practice to improve health equity. Am J Public Health. 2010;100:S1:40-6. Mixed methods USA Not specified Analysis of community-based participatory research (CBPR) as a method of bridging research and practice to improve health equity
Whitelaw, S. et al. ‘Settings’ based health promotion: a review. Health Promot Int. 2001;16:4:339-53. Review Scotland Not specified Settings based health promotion research and practice; practitioners
Wilcox, S., et al. Results of the first year of active for life: translation of 2 evidence-based physical activity programs for older adults into community settings. Am J Public Health. 2006;96:7:1201-09. Mixed methods USA Local - Community Successful implementation of health promotion programs; physical activity; older adults; evidence-based
Wilson, K. M., et al. Peer reviewed: an organizing framework for translation in public health: the knowledge to action framework. Prev Chronic Dis. 2011;8:2. Descriptive USA Not specified Development of a framework for implementing scientific knowledge into sustainable action in public health; Knowledge to Action (K2A); Centers for Disease Control (CDC); Chronic Disease Prevention; translation