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Table 8 The association between different components and age, sex, and FAS II (quantitatively measured and categorised into three levels: low, medium, and high)

From: Development and psychometric validation of a scoring questionnaire to assess healthy lifestyles among adolescents in Catalonia

  Regression coefficient (p)
Component Age Sex FAS FAS categorised
Diet −0.058 (0.002) ns ns ns
Substance Abuse −0.151 (<0.001) ns ns ns
RUTL −0.129 (<0.001) ns ns ns
Hygiene ns 0.261 (<0.001) ns ns
Physical Activity −0.142 (<0.001) −0.639 (<0.001) ns ns
  1. Sex code: 0 = boy, 1 = girl
  2. The significance of each coefficient is shown in parentheses; ns = no significance