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Table 5 Pit latrine odour intensity and description

From: Are pit latrines in urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa performing? A review of usage, filling, insects and odour nuisances

Source Site Pit latrine type Odour intensity odour description
J Lin, et al. [76] Durban VP dry pit Weak Sewage, phenol-like
  strong Rotten egg, sewage, rancid
  VP wet pit Medium More of sewage than faecal, rotten egg
  Strong Rotten egg, sewage, rancid
  Nairobi VP strong: cheese, manure, horse, farmyard
  Strong cheese, manure, ammonia, urine
  Kampala VP 1 weak farmyard, ammonia slightly urine, geosmin (earthy, moisture)
  strong rancid, rotten onion, phenylacetic acid-like
   VP 2 medium farmyard, ambrinol (earthy, moisture), rancid
  strong rancid, phenolic, rotten vegetable
CJ-Fo Chappuis, et al. [113] Nairobi   Weak barnyard
  Durban VIP Weak Animal, faecal