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Table 1 Summary of studies on pit latrine filling time

From: Are pit latrines in urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa performing? A review of usage, filling, insects and odour nuisances

Source Country Filling (Years) Remarks
R Franceys, et al. [15] Various 15–25 Design recommendations for household properties
J Pickford [17] East Africa Over 30 Reported at a house hold level
P Morgan [53] Zimbabwe Over 30 Household latrine
DA Still and K Foxon [107] South Africa 20 Design recommendation
  South Africa 5–9 Empting time for most (85 %) pit latrines. Lower and higher filling rates were also noted
I Günther, et al. [56] Uganda 5 Study in low income areas of Kampala, Uganda (Slums)
RN Kulabako, et al. [108] Uganda <1 Low laying areas of peri-urban settlements in Kampala
K Adubofour, et al. [109] Ghana (slums in Kusami metroplis) 4.2 Average filling time
>10 High income areas
0.25 Low income areas
E Appiah-Effah, et al. [57] Ghana (Ashanti region) 6–10 Low income area in Ashanti region