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Table 2 Comparison of supervision, compensation, and quotas in community TB referral programs

From: Community referral for presumptive TB in Nigeria: a comparison of four models of active case finding

Type of model Supervision of CWs Other role of CWs apart from referral Monetary compensation Regularity of compensation Quotas Record keeping of referrals
Direct dealing Monthly meeting with TB Local Government Supervisor (TBLS), No field supervision Optional $10 quarterly Not regular No set quotas Good
Supervision without quotas Quarterly meeting with the CBO Optional $ 40 quarterly Fairly regular No set quotas, however compensation could be suspended if no referrals for 3 consecutive months Very keen on record keeping
Irregular field supervision
Comprehensive quotas-oriented Monthly meeting with the CBO. Also serve as treatment supporter for any TB case arising from their referral and also track patient lost to follow up $ 80 quarterly Fairly regular Five presumptive TB referrals every month and 1 TB case Good record keeping
Regular field supervision
unsupervised volunteer Irregular meetings Never Not fixed, any amount between $13.3 and $20 quarterly Never regular No quotas Very poor,
No field supervision of CWs
  1. Note: 150 Naira to $1 used for conversion of Nigerian Naira to US dollars
  2. NB: The CWs of the quotas oriented model do not get compensation for a referred case or TB case detected but only get compensation per time period just like CWs of other model