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Table 4 English language versions of items in the final AIDS-related knowledge and stigma scales

From: Validating survey measurement scales for AIDS-related knowledge and stigma among construction workers in South Africa

AIDS knowledge scale (Yes/No/Don’t know)  
 1. Is AIDS spread by kissing?  
 2. Can a person get AIDS by sharing kitchens or bathrooms with someone who has AIDS?  
 3. Can you get AIDS by touching someone who has AIDS?  
 4. Can men give AIDS to women?  
 5. Can women give AIDS to men?  
 6. Must a person have many different partners to get AIDS?  
 7. Does washing after sex help protect against AIDS?  
 8. Can a pregnant woman give AIDS to her baby?  
 9. Can a person get rid of AIDS by having sex with a virgin?  
 10. Is there a cure for AIDS?  
AIDS-related stigma scale (Agree/Disagree)  
 1. People who have AIDS are dirty  
 2. People who have AIDS are cursed  
 3. People who have AIDS should be ashamed  
 4. People who have AIDS must expect some restrictions on their freedom  
 5. A person with AIDS must have done something wrong and deserves to be punished  
 6. People who have HIV should be isolated  
 7. I do not want to be friends with someone who has AIDS  
 8. People who have AIDS should not be allowed to work