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Table 3 A taxonomy of harms experienced by communities

From: Understanding gambling related harm: a proposed definition, conceptual framework, and taxonomy of harms

Financial Harm Relationship Disruption, Conflict or Breakdown Emotional or Psychological Distress Decrements to Health
• Increased reliance on welfare both community and government provided.
• Increased levels of debt and bankruptcy (administration of these)
• Broader impact to the community of business closures.
• Perpetuation of poverty and welfare reliance from a generational perspective.
• Redistribution of community funds through biased processes.
• Impact on fundraising ventures for community organisations.
• Costs to the family law courts, and associated organisations.
• Costs of caring for dependents no longer supported
• Damage to social cohesion and social capital through isolation and exclusion.
• Decline in social and cultural capital.
• Costs associated with provision of services to assist people with emotional and psychological harms
• Burden of disease from related psychological harms
• Harms to venue workers.
• Increased costs to the health system (direct and indirect) both in terms of treatment for gambling and costs associated with other medical conditions caused or exacerbated by gambling.
Cultural Harm Reduced Performance at Work or Study Criminal Activity Lifecourse or Intergenerational Harms
• Community must make up for lost contributions (roles, time, finance) due to disconnection of members
• Use of cultural norms and practices to promote gambling (disrespectful to the culture)
• Exacerbation of hopelessness through negative narrative associating culture with gambling problems
• Disconnection of youth (generational loss)
• Cost of job turnover, absenteeism.
• Impact on employment at other businesses affected by gambling harm (ie. where a business closes and businesses that interacted with it lose sales).
• Decreased participation in volunteering and other community activities.
• Direct costs of criminal activity in terms of the investigation of crime, costs to the judicial system, incarceration, probation and parole.
• Cost to victims of crime both financial and emotional.
• Normalisation of gambling and gambling related harm
• Cumulative impact of generational losses
• Transgenerational loss creating dependency