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Table 1 Main variables being measured as part of the SHOW Study

From: Collaborating with a social housing provider supports a large cohort study of the health effects of housing conditions

Level Factors Variables measured
Household & neighbourhood exposures Environment exposures and access to services • Property location recorded at small area level allows them to be assigned to region and neighbourhood level exposures and distance to facilities and services
Household socio-economic status • Deprivation rating (NZDep) of neighbourhood
Household crowding level • Household occupancy and bedroom deficit calculated from information on composition of the household and numbers of bedrooms
Type of tenure and duration of tenancy • Housing applicant or tenant
•Duration of tenancy
Household income • Equivalised household income (generally low compared to NZ population)
• Receipt of means-tested Government benefit
Household type • Composition of family unit e.g. single person, sole parent, parents and children
Passive smoke exposure • Assigned to tenant households based on self-reported smoking behaviour of adult occupants
Participation in Healthy Housing Programme • Whether offered programme and acceptance
•Nature of specific interventions(s) and timing
Individual level factors Age • Date of birth recorded for all participants
Sex • Sex recorded for all participants
Ethnicity • Self-identified ethnicity recorded for all participants
Socioeconomic status • Not specifically measured for individuals (generally low because of the HNZC housing allocation system)
Established chronic disease and disability • Not specifically measured for individuals (but has high prevalence because of the HNZC housing allocation system)
Active smoking • Assigned to individuals based on self-reported smoking behaviour
Linked outcome data Hospitalisations • Diagnostic codes, E codes, timing of admissions, outcomes
Deaths • Cause of death, E codes, timing of deaths
Other outcomes linked to individual NHI • Pharmaceuticals and other health events linked to individual NHI