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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of environmental variables used in Maxent ecological niche modeling of burrow site selection by Himalayan marmots. The summer value of LST and NDVI are averages of 3-year values from May 9th to September 30th, and the winter values are averages of 3-year values from 3rd December and 5th March. The meanings of abbreviations are listed in legend of Fig. 2

From: Niche modeling predictions of the potential distribution of Marmota himalayana, the host animal of plague in Yushu County of Qinghai

Variables Minimum Maximum Mean
LST_summer 6.2 27.8 19.1
LST_winter −10.0 16.4 6.7
NDVI_summer 0.01 0.71 0.52
NDVI_winter −0.14 0.58 0.19
Elevation 3400 5584 4506
Soil type 1. Grey cinnamon soil, 2. Swamp soil, 3. Alpine meadow soil, 4. Dark felty soil, and 5. Frigid soil.