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Table 4 Delphi consensus levels for “Making information transfer operational”, in % (consensus in bold)

From: Searching for consensus among physicians involved in the management of sick-listed workers in the Belgian health care sector: a qualitative study among practitioners and stakeholders

Proposals (round 1) Global GPs OPs SIPs Proposals (round 2) Global GPs OPs SIPs
Q1. Patient’s consent before communication of the SIP’s report to the GP 46.4 66.6 30 44.4 Q1/1. idem, even when the patient is registered with his/her doctor's practice 40.7 50 30 44.4
Q2. Directory of contact information of GPs, OPs and SIPs on the Labour Ministry’s website 71.4 77.8 70 66.6 Q2/1. Only OPs contact information on the ministry’s website 76.9 100 60 77.8
      Q2/2. SIPs contact information on the NIDHI’s website 84 100 80 75
      Q2/3. Identification number for OPs and SIPs to distinguish them from GPs in institutional repositories 69.2 100 60 55.6
Q3. Electronic communication → better interdisciplinary collaboration 85.7 77.8 90 88.9