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Table 3 Continuous associations with markers of cardiometabolic health (beta coefficients (99% CIs) and corresponding p-values)

From: Associations of mutually exclusive categories of physical activity and sedentary time with markers of cardiometabolic health in English adults: a cross-sectional analysis of the Health Survey for England

Health marker Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity time Sedentary behaviour-to-light-intensity physical activity ratio
Beta (99 % CI)a p-value Beta (99 % CI)b p-value
Body Mass Index (kg/m2) −0.0393 (−0.0505, −0.0282) <0.001 −0.1109 (−0.3918, 0.1700) 0.305
Waist Circumference (cm) −0.0315 (−0.0442, −0.0188) <0.001 0.1380 (−0.2502, 0.5261) 0.355
HDL-Cholesterol (mmol/L) 0.0019 (0.0009, 0.0029) <0.001 −0.0253 (−0.0476, −0.0030) 0.004
Total Cholesterol (mmol/L) 0.0006 (−0.0024, 0.0036) 0.606 −0.0480 (−0.1335, 0.0376) 0.146
Glycated Haemoglobin (%) −0.0021 (−0.0037, −0.0004) 0.002 −0.0079 (−0.0564, 0.0407) 0.673
  1. All analyses accounted for primary sampling units, clustering and survey weights. Adjusted linear regression models were fitted for each cardiometabolic health marker. The models controlled for: age; body mass index (except in the model with body mass index as the dependent variable); cardiovascular disease index; ethnicity; fruit and vegetable consumption; sex; smoking status; socioeconomic status; moderate-to-vigorous physical activity time; sedentary behaviour-to-light-intensity physical activity ratio; and accelerometer wear-time. Models with HDL-cholesterol and total cholesterol as the dependent variable were also controlled for both blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication. Similarly, the model with glycated haemoglobin as the dependent variable was controlled for any prescribed medication. Bold indicates statistical significance at α = 0.01
  2. aBeta coefficients represent a one minute increase in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity time per day
  3. bBeta coefficients represent a one unit increase in the sedentary behaviour-to-light-intensity physical activity ratio