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Table 3 Logistic regression predicting testing in the past 6 months

From: Predictors of Chlamydia Trachomatis testing: perceived norms, susceptibility, changes in partner status, and underestimation of own risk

Modela Predictors: Observed: Predicted β/SE/Wald
Ct test Percentage correct
No Yes  
1. Susceptibility T0b Ct test: No 244 0 100.0 b-.44/.11/16.84
Yes 25 0 0.0
Percentage    90.7
2. Intention T0c Ct test: No 238 6 97.5 c-.42/.-8/28.06
Yes 18 7 28.0
Percentage    91.1
3. Intention T0d Ct test: No 242 2 99.2 d-.40/.08/22.55
Multiple partners T1e Yes 19 6 24.0
Percentage    92.2
  1. aHere, only the significant predictors are displayed
  2. model 1: all social-cognitive determinants predicting of intention (i.e., susceptibility, attitude, outcome expectations, unrealistic optimism, and subjective, descriptive and moral norms at T0
  3. model 2: intention and susceptibility
  4. model 3: intention, multiple partners in the last six months, new partner in the last six months, and stereotypical beliefs about number of partners
  5. b,c,d,e; same letters refer to the predictor - β/SE/Wald-value combination
  6. Bold text: the overall percentage of correctly predicted cases per model