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Table 2 Overview of concepts in the parental questionnaire

From: Active Living: development and quasi-experimental evaluation of a school-centered physical activity intervention for primary school children

Theme/concept N items Example of items
Demographics 11 Relation to child; Level of education
School transportation options 3 Who accompanies your child during transportation to school? (MC-6)
Neighborhood perceptions 8 Social safety is a concern in our local neighborhood (Lik-4)
Parental PA practices   
 Modeling 6 How often do you use your own behavior to encourage your child’s PA? (Lik-5)
 Facilitation 2 How often do you bring your child to a location where he/she is able to do sports or be physically active? (Lik-5)
 Social Support 8 How often do you stimulate your child to be physically active? (Lik-5)
Child’s outdoor play 10 If my child does not play outdoors, it is because…. there is no playground in the local neighborhood (Lik-3)
Parental Active Transportation Routines (PATRns) 4 If I have to go somewhere nearby, I am always inclined to take the bike or to go on foot (Lik-5)
Rules 4 How often do you restrict the time your child can use the computer? (Lik-5)
Biking behavior 4 How often do you cycle yourself? (Lik-5)
Anthropometry 6 What is your height and weight? (Open)
  1. MC-6 Multiple Choice (6 options), Lik-X X-points Likert Scale