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Table 1 Overview of concepts in the child questionnaire

From: Active Living: development and quasi-experimental evaluation of a school-centered physical activity intervention for primary school children

Theme/concept N items Example of items
Demographics 9 Gender; Date of birth; Home address
Transportation options 3 How did you come to school this morning? (MC-9)
PA & SB 12 On how many days per week do you play outdoors? (Open) + duration question
Neighborhood perceptions 7 There is heavy traffic in our local streets (Lik-4)
Rules and practices at home 4 At home we have rules about using the computer or watching TV (Lik-4)
PA preferences 28 Visualized comparisons, e.g. outdoor play vs. reading
Impulsivity 13 I often rush into new things (Lik-5)
Process 4 On a scale from 1–10, how much fun do you think Active Living was to participate in? (SC)
  1. MC-9 Multiple Choice (9 options), Lik-X X-points Likert Scale, SC Scale