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Table 1 Characteristics of the selection process foressential medicines in cities 1, 2, and 3

From: Essential psychiatric medicines: wrong selection, high consumption and social problems

Items City 1 City 2 City 3
 Official designation of PTCa N Y N
 Annual review N N N
 Declaration of interest N N N
 Cost analysis is crucial to include medicines Y Y Y
 Final decision is made by Health secretary Y Y Y
Criteria for drug selection
 Professional experience Y Y Y
 Presence on reference list Y Y Y
 Epidemiology of disease Y Y Y
Source of information
 Pharmaceutical industry catalogue N N N
 Guidelines of reference list N N N
 Systematic review/synopsis of evidence N N N
 Multidisciplinary members N N N
 Expertise in selection essential medicines N N N
 Need for improve the selection processb Y Y Y
 Need for training the PTCb Y Y Y
  1. Y yes, thischaracteristic is present, N no, thischaracteristic is not present
  2. aPTC Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee
  3. bOpinion from each Health Secretary of city