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Table 1 Overview of intervention components

From: An Internet-supported Physical Activity Intervention Delivered in Secondary Schools Located in Low Socio-economic Status Communities: Study Protocol for the Activity and Motivation in Physical Education (AMPED) Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial 

Phase Component Timing
Main Intervention (Year 1) Face-to-Face Workshop 1 (1 day) Start of Term 2, May
Technology-assisted Implementation Task 1 Term 2, May–June
Group Mentoring Session End of Term 2, June
Face-to-Face Workshop 2 (1 day) Start of Term 3, July
Technology-assisted Implementation Task 2 Term 3, July–September
Group Mentoring Session End of Term 3, September
Booster Intervention (Year 2) Face-to-Face Workshop 3 – Booster (1/2 day) Start of Term 1, February
Technology-assisted Implementation Task 3 Term 1, February–March
Group Mentoring Session End of Term 1, March