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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Health resorts as gateways for regional, standardised, sports club based exercise programmes to increase the weekly time of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity: study protocol

Inclusion criteria
 Age ≥30 years and
 Age ≤65 years
 Austrian physical activity recommendations for substantial health benefits are not reached. (Weekly <150 minutes of aerobic moderate-intensity physical activity, or <75 minutes of aerobic vigorous-intensity physical activity, or an equal combination of both, and/or muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week are not realised.)
 Residential stay at a health resort
 Physical activity in the patient’s responsibility is recommended
 Systolic blood pressure at rest ≤90 mm/Hg
 Diastolic blood pressure at rest ≤140 mm/Hg
 Asymptomatic ECG at rest
Exclusion criteria
 More than 10 % planned or unplanned weight loss/weight gain during the last six months
 Indication for residential or outpatient rehabilitation
 Untreated coronary heart disease
 Untreated micro- or macro-vascular artery disease