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Table 5 Causes of obesity, as mentioned by participants

From: Comparison of perceptions of obesity among adults with central obesity with and without additional cardiometabolic risk factors and among those who were formally obese, 3 years after screening for central obesity

  Mentioned as reason (%)
  Persistent cardiometabolic risk group N = 71 Persistent obesity group N = 59 Improved cardiometabolic risk group N = 42
Lifestyle 91.5 88.1 97.6
 Diet a77.5 a83.1 a85.7
 Physical activity a50.7 a44.1 a52.4
 Lifestyle, not specified a7.0 a1.7 a9.5
Biological 16.9 27.1 11.9
 Genetics a15.5 a15.3 a7.1
 Other a1.4 a11.9 a4.8
Psychological 7.0 10.2 7.1
Other 23.9 20.3 14.3
  1. aPercentages of participants within the causal factor for obesity