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Table 2 Focus group semi-structured topic guide

From: Evaluation of the Families SHARE workbook: an educational tool outlining disease risk and healthy guidelines to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer and colorectal cancer

Understanding of and assessment of utility of the Families SHARE workbook
1. How useful was the workbook in helping you understand your risk of disease?
2. Out of the three steps of the workbook (the sample exercise, your own FHH tree, and the health guidelines):
 • Were there any steps that stood out as being the most helpful?
 • Were there any steps that were confusing?
3. Does the sample exercise increase your understanding of your own Family Health History?
4. What could we add or improve to make the workbook better and help you understand you or your family’s disease risk or ways to reduce your risk?
Communication and encouragement
1. When you were filling out the initial survey for us with the family history details, did you talk with anyone to get health information? Who did you talk with?
2. Did you show the workbook to anyone else in your family or to others outside of your family? How did you do that? (e.g. sit down with them and “teach” them how to evaluate their risk or just give them the workbook?)
3. Do you plan on showing the workbook to anyone else? (e.g., health care providers)
4. Did you and your family discuss ways to reduce your disease risk? Is this important to you and/or your family?