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Table 1 Health belief model concepts mapped to workbook components

From: Evaluation of the Families SHARE workbook: an educational tool outlining disease risk and healthy guidelines to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer and colorectal cancer

Concept Definition Component
Perceived susceptibility Beliefs about the chances of getting a condition • Family health history
• Personalized risk assessment based on FHH for self
• Personalized risk assessment based on FHH for relatives
Perceived severity Beliefs of how serious a condition is • Define the disease
• Provide information regarding risk factors for a disease
Perceived benefits Beliefs about the effectiveness of advised actions to reduce risk of the condition • Screening recommendations, with frequency based on risk
• Lifestyle recommendations, with suggested approaches for implementation in
• daily life
Cues to action Strategies for initiating actions for risk reduction • Recommendations to share FHH risk information with health care providers
• Recommendations to share FHH with family members
• Worksheets for risk assessment for family members