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Table 1 Outcome variables in relation to hypotheses

From: The Sydney playground project- levelling the playing field: a cluster trial of a primary school-based intervention aiming to promote manageable risk-taking in children with disability

Outcome Variables Hypotheses: Significant increases in:
Adults’ promotion of manageable risk taking and children’s increasingly responsible actions on the playground Ratio of time spent in positive play transactionsa to time spent in negative transactionsb (primary measure derived from modified SOPLAY described below).
Perceptions of parents and teachers regarding manageable risk taking and children’s abilities to assume responsibility Positive opinions and stories expressed in interview
Child coping ability Mean scores on the Coping Inventory23
Parents’ and teachers’ comfort with children taking manageable risks Mean scores on the Tolerance of Risk in Play Scale (TRiPS)15 and a revised Willingness to Grant Autonomy Scale21
  1. aadults may facilitate or join the play
  2. b(e.g., aimless wandering or where adults stop or redirect)