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Table 1 Tanzania PMTCT webpage monitoring data. Overview of the Tanzania Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) National Resource Center (NRC) website development and implementation: activities, monitoring indicators, outputs, and outcomes

From: Development and promotion of a national website to improve dissemination of information related to the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) in Tanzania

Website development and implementation activities Pre-launch monitoring indicators and outputs Post-launch monitoring indicators and outputs Targeted outputs and outcomes
• Engage stakeholders, form Advisory Committee
• Identify appropriate staff and technical consultants, e.g., website/social media designer, host, manager
• Analyze the target audience and their requirements
• Develop site architecture and create website, e.g., content development and placement, wireframes and mock-ups
• Conduct usability testing; review and revise
• Migrate content and implement CMSa
• Conduct staff training on use and management of website software
• Develop and implement marketing (including social media) and evaluation plans
• Implement ongoing website management and updates/revisions
• Conduct ongoing evaluation using Google Analytics and other strategies
• Stakeholder Advisory committee meetings and input per minutes
• Cycles of usability tests and revisions completed
• Web links to and from established
• Finalized site content includes key PMTCT resources, links, PMTCT partner contacts and resources (Partners catalogue), static survey, etc.
• Google Analytics in place
• Staff independently updating website and establishing social media presence
• Website marketing materials finalized and distributed
• Social media marketing campaign for launch
• PMTCT website launch meeting and launch on planned date
• Google analytics data of site visitors and use, e.g., # and source of visitors, # and type of downloaded resources, # referred visitors from linked websites
• Interactive discussion forum added to the website
• Discussion forum activity and content
• Additional PMTCT partner resources linked or posted on the website
• Static survey reports
• Number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers
• Social media and marketing campaigns for updated PMTCT guidelines and other key resources
• Ongoing site management with content updates, repair of broken web links, etc.
• Proportion accessing via mobile device, utilizing Swahili version
• Growth in website use and downloads over time with spikes related to marketing campaigns and addition of key resources
• Easily accessed key resources from web links, google searches, listserv, etc.
• Growth in content with increased access to PMTCT partners information/resources
• Increased awareness of PMTCT partners activities
• Growth in listserv and social media
• Strengthened communication among PMTCT Partners and with the MOHSW
• Increased PMTCT knowledge among health care workers, program managers and policy makers
  1. aContent management systems (CMS)