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Table 1 Scoring method for computing adherence to international recommendations in prisons (PRIDE Europe)

From: Insufficient access to harm reduction measures in prisons in 5 countries (PRIDE Europe): a shared European public health concern

  International Recommendations Score
Information-Education-Communication •Availability of Information/education at entry or during prison stay 0.5
•Peer education programs available 0.5
•AND availability of clean injecting equipment + condoms (0 if not)a 1
Testing - Counseling •Testing for HIV, HBV, HCV systematically proposed at entry (RC) and during prison stay (all prisons)  
•AND availability of clean injecting equipment + condoms (0 if not)* 1
Condoms - Lubricants •Condoms available in various locations 1
•Water-based lubricants available 0.5
•Male condoms and lubricants accessible and female condoms accessible for prisons with female prisoners 0.5
Opioid Substitution Therapy •Induction at entry (RC) + induction during prison stay + continuity of OST at entry (all prisons) 1
•No ceiling dosage 0.5
•No buprenorphine crushing or dilution 0.5
Bleach •At least 2 locations/access for bleach inside prison (penitentiary distribution, purchasable inside prison, available in medical unit)  
•AND Intelligible information for HR purposes accessible for all prisoners 1
HBV Vaccinationb •Systematic HBV vaccination proposal for all seronegative prisoners 1
Post-Exposition Prophylaxis •All prisoners informed of PEP availability inside prison 1
Needle Exchange Programs •NEP are available 1
ARV treatmentb •ARV are accessible 0.5
•Prescriptions follow national guidelines 0.5
Prevention of transmission through tattooing, piercingb •Existing initiatives aiming at reducing the sharing and reuse of equipment used for tattooing, piercing and other forms of skin penetration 1
TOTAL   12
  1. aCondition defined in the 2007 WHO recommendations for IEC and Testing/counseling: “prisoners must be provided with the prevention measures that enable them to act upon the information they receive, such as condoms and clean injecting equipment”. bThese interventions were not included in the international scoring calculation in the 2009 French ANRS-PRI2DE survey
  2. Bold numbers are the total value for each subscore