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Table 4 Effect of TV viewing time on induction factors for non-core food advertising after correcting for all influencing factors

From: Reading the mind of children in response to food advertising: a cross-sectional study of Malaysian schoolchildren’s attitudes towards food and beverages advertising on television

Induction factors

IRRfinal adj (95 % CI)

Advertisement Recognition

1.02 (1.00–1.04)

Favourite Advertisement

1.06 (1.04–1.08)*

Purchase Request

1.06 (1.04–1.08)*

Product Preference

1.04 (1.02–1.07)*

  1. Dependent variable was score of each induction factors. Independent variable was TV viewing time and adjusted for other influencing factors such as (i) ethnicity, (ii) BMI status of child, (iii) age of child, (iv) gender, (v) TV set in bedroom, (vi) physical activity of child daily, (vii) daily pocket money of child, (viii) daily internet surfing time of child, and (ix) monthly household income
  2. *Poisson regression model with the significance level at p < 0.05