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Table 1 Food advertisements listing in the food album

From: Reading the mind of children in response to food advertising: a cross-sectional study of Malaysian schoolchildren’s attitudes towards food and beverages advertising on television

Core food products (n = 9) Non-core food products (n = 15)
FP1 Low sugar, high fibre breakfast cereal (Brand 1) FP2 Cultured milk food with added sugar
FP6 Plain bread (Brand 1) FP3 High sugar breakfast cereal
FP9 Plant based margarine FP4 Chocolate
FP13 Frozen low fat yoghurt FP5 Cultured drink with high sugar content
FP14 Low sugar, high fibre breakfast cereal (Brand 2) FP7 Sugar-sweetened soft drink
FP17 Plain bread (Brand 2) FP8 Processed crispy fried chicken
FP18 Plain cream cracker FP10 Sweet biscuit
FP21 Soya bean milk FP11 Sweet cake
FP22 Rice, plain FP12 Extruded snack (Brand 1)
   FP15 Ice-confectionery
   FP16 Ice-cream
   FP19 Sugar-sweetened beverage
   FP20 Extruded snack (Brand 2)
   FP23 Fast food
   FP24 Instant noodle
  1. FP = food product (range 1–24 as per randomised sequence of food products shown in the food album)
  2. Note: Core foods are defined as low-calorie, nutrient-dense food products, while non-core foods are foods high in fat, refined sugars, and salt (HFSS) [33]