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Table 7 Student statements during the group interview

From: Design of study without drugs—a Surinamese school-based drug-prevention program for adolescents

Positive remarks Points to improve
“I’m learning a lot.” “The pretest picture is rather small.”
“Attractive folder and poster” “The poster is attractive, but it could be larger?” (2)
“The film and DVD are OK.” “I don’t understand everything in the folder.” (3)
“The booklet really has nice info.” “Can’t the film be in English?” (2)
“I will always use this book during lessons.” Why is it a Spanish film? I can’t follow it.” (1)
“The letter is good for my parents.” “I can't read the translation. It’s too fast.” (1)
“Much varied material” “The Spanish film is difficult to understand, even with English subtitles.” (2)
“Will this class also participate in the program? I really want to do it.”
“Such a funny DVD and you learn something from it. The film is also nice.”