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Table 3 Moving Sound data collection and measurements at baseline and the 1st, 2nd, and 8th week after baseline measurement

From: Rationale and methods for a randomized controlled trial of a movement-to-music video program for decreasing sedentary time among mother-child pairs

Data collection Baseline 1st week 2nd week 8th week
Measurements and exercise diaries
 Accelerometer measurements   X X X
 Exercise diaries   X X X
 Weight X    
 Background questions X    
 Weight   X Xa X
 Earlier physical activity (LTPA) X    
 Current physical activity and sitting time X   Xa X
 Motivation to exercise (EIS and TPB) X   Xa X
 Quality of life (15 D) X    
 Depression (BDI) X    
 Anxiety (SAI) X    
 Work ability X    
 Perceived health X    
 Mother's musical background    Xa  
 Motivational quality of the music    Xa  
 Other motivation-related factors    Xa Xa
 Experiences of use of the video    Xa Xa
 Perceived changes in PA    Xa Xa
  1. aIntervention group