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Table 1 Summary of available administrative data

From: Estimating the economic costs of skin cancer in New South Wales, Australia

Data source Abbreviation Overview of data collected Period of data collection Number of possible records
45 and Up survey 45& Up The 45&Up survey is of individuals aged 45 and over in NSW - the survey includes information on health, lifestyle and other socio-economic factors. 2005-2009 267,119 records (267,119 persons)
NSW Central Cancer Registry CCR The CCR includes records for all reported cancer cases from NSW Central Cancer Registry. The CCR records include a range of demographic data items (e.g. date of birth, residential address), staging information, year of diagnosis, plus diagnostic information (e.g. reason for death, Morphology code, Topography Code etc.). The CCR cohort comprises individuals registered on NSW CCR and diagnosed with skin cancer (melanoma, melanoma in situ). January 1994 – December 2008 63,342 records (60,247 persons)
NSW Admitted Patient Data Collection APDC The APDC includes all hospital separations of skin cancer (melanoma, melanoma in situ, non-melanoma) and/or a precursor of skin cancer (sunburn, actinic keratosis or melanocytic naevi) in NSW during the period July 2000-Dec 2011 from all NSW public and private hospitals and day procedure centres. APDC records include a range of demographic data items, administrative items (e.g. admission and separation dates) and diagnostic information (e.g. reason for admission, significant co-morbidities and complications and procedures performed during the admission). July 2000 – December 2011 406,997 records (256,924 persons)
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) mortality ABS Mortality The ABS cohort includes all cases where skin cancer is recorded as the primary or contributing cause of death. Cause of death is coded according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Problems (ICD-10-AM). January 2000 – December 2007 5735 records (5728 persons)
Pharmaceutical Benefit Schedule PBS The PBS is administered by Medicare Australia and includes all processing claims and payment benefits for pharmaceutical medications for most medical conditions. This source contains cost and utilisation data by drug for each individual. 2004-2011 35,322,2457 records
Medicare Benefit Schedule MBS The MBS is a listing of medical and hospital services that are subsidised by the Australian government. The MBS includes primary care practitioner and specialist consultations and exclude ambulance and allied health services. This source contains costs (including patient out of pocket cost) and utilisation data by service/procedure. 2003-2011 46,012,797 records
NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages RBDM deaths The Registrar of the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM) is a registry all births and deaths in NSW RBDM records linked to 45& Up, CCR, APDC and ABS 66,786 records (62,688 persons)