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Table 1 Sample questions of the final KAH-questionnaire version

From: Development and validation of a questionnaire to evaluate lifestyle-related behaviors in elementary school children

Diet K: How often should you eat vegetables? Never (0)
Sometimes (1)
Every day (2)
A: What do you do if you have to try a new food? I always try it (2)
I try it sometimes (1)
I never try new food (0)
H: How often do you eat pastries? Every day (0)
Once a week (1)
Only at birthdays or parties (2)
Physical activity K: How fast should the heart beat after running? It should beat slowly (0)
It should beat fast (2)
It always beats to the same rhythm (0)
A: How do you feel when you have to exercise? I always feel happy (2)
Sometimes I feel lazy or tired (1)
I never feel good (0)
H: What do you usually do after school? I play videogames or watch TV (0)
I play sitting down (0)
I play around (run, jump, climb…) (2)
Human body and heart K: What do you release when you sweat? Blood (0)
What you have drunk (0)
Water and waste (2)
A: What do you think about adults who smoke? I don’t care (0)
It’s wrong and I ask them to stop (2)
It’s wrong but I don’t say anything (1)
H: How often do you bath or shower? Every night (2)
Every other day (1)
Only on weekends (0)
Emotions K: When do people blush? When they are embarrassed (2)
When they are happy (0)
When they are sad (0)
A: What do you usually do when your parents ask you to help out at home? I always help (2)
I protest, but I help (1)
I never help (0)
H: What do you usually do when someone is bothering a friend? Nothing (0)
I try to help (2)
I fight it out (0)
  1. K knowledge, A attitudes, H habits