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Table 4 Syringes purchase experiences in pharmacies among PWID from Xichang, China 2012 (n = 403)

From: A cross-sectional study of the feasibility of pharmacy-delivered harm reduction services among people who inject drugs in Xichang, China

  Occurred in the last 12 months (No. (%)) Frequency in the past 30 days (median(range))£
Declined to sell syringes 75(18.6) 3(0–100)
Harassed or treated badly at the pharmacy 49(12.2) 3(0–30)
Asked what the syringes will be used for 30(7.4) 3(1–30)
Refused to sell ‘single’ syringes 12(3.0) 2(0–10)
Asked to sign a log-book or required written personal information 3(0.7) 2(1–3)
Asked to show a photo identification card 3(0.7) 1.5(1–2)
  1. PWID refers to people who inject drugs
  2. £: median and range were calculated only among PWID who experienced in the last 12 months