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Table 5 Percentage of teachers correctly completing individual steps required to carry out an RDT (i) accurately or (ii) safely following final training and after 7 months after training

From: Design, implementation and evaluation of a training programme for school teachers in the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests as part of a basic first aid kit in southern Malawi

  Percentage of teachers completing number of steps correctly for accurate or safe RDT use (n = 15)
  3 steps 4 steps 5 steps 6 steps
Accuracy at end of training 100 100 100 53
Accuracy 7 months post training 100 80 40 13a
Safety at end of training 100 93 87  
Safety 7 months post training 100 87 67  
  1. aOnly 2 teachers were observed correctly completing step 20 (waiting 20 min before reading the RDT result)