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Table 1 Timing of outcome assessments in the SWIFT study*

From: Determining how best to support overweight adults to adhere to lifestyle change: protocol for the SWIFT study

Outcome Month
  0 6 12 24
Height x    
Weight§ x x x x
Bioimpedance x x x x
DXA scan x   x  
Blood pressure x x x x
Blood samples x   x x
3-day diet record x x x x
Accelerometry x x x x
Aerobic fitness x x x x
Questionnaires x x x x
Demographics x    
Personality x    
Resilience x    
Dieting and weight history x    
Intuitive eating x x x x
Dutch eating behaviour questionnaire x x x x
Depression, anxiety, stress x   x x
Disordered eating x   x x
Self-monitoring x x x x
Self-efficacy x x x x
Satisfaction with diet and exercise   x x x
  1. *Two visits are required at each time point in order to complete all measurements
  2. 0 refers to baseline
  3. §More frequent weights will be available for those in the regular brief support and daily self-weighing groups but these are for adherence measures rather than outcomes