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Table 2 Factors reported by street-involved youth to protect against the transition to injection drug use

From: Reorienting risk to resilience: street-involved youth perspectives on preventing the transition to injection drug use

Domain Category Codes
Individual Fear Fear of Needles
Fear of Addiction
Fear/Awareness of IDU Health Consequences: e.g. HIV, hepatitis C, overdose, physical appearance
Self-Worth Desire for Better Life/Goals
Self Esteem
Social Environment Stigma &Group Norms Society’s negative views of IDU
Peer Group negative view of IDU
Adults who inject drugs deterring youth from IDU
Support & Inclusion Support from/Involved Families
Membership to Peer Group/Community
Positive Role Models
Fear of Losing Peer Group/Family
Connection with Culture/Communities
Family/Friend Drug Use Family Drug Use
Observing Others
Responsibilities Responsibility for another Person e.g. child, or for a Pet
Physical Environment Safe & Engaging Spaces Opportunities for Recreation & Employment
Housing (affordable/accessible)
  1. IDU Injection drug use