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Table 2 Characteristics of trauma inpatients (n = 14)

From: Development of a text message intervention aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm in patients admitted to hospital as a result of injury

Characteristic Number of participants
 Male 11
 Female 3
Age group  
 16 – 34 years 9
 35 – 54 years 5
Ethnic group  
 Māori 4a
 Pacific Peoples 5a
 European 5
 Asian 2
Employment status  
 Employed 7
 Student 5
 Unemployed or Other 2
AUDIT-C score indicating hazardous drinkingb  
 Non-hazardous drinking 5
 Hazardous drinking 9
  1. aThe ethnic data in this table is reported using the total response (overlapping) method. Where a person reported more than one ethnic group, that individual has been counted in each applicable group. Totals therefore do not add up to 100 percent. One participant identified as New Zealand Māori and Cook Island Māori. Another participant identified as New Zealand Māori and Niuean
  2. bAUDIT-C is scored on a scale of 0–12; in men a score of 4 or more, and in women a score of 3 or more, is considered positive for identifying hazardous drinking or active alcohol use disorders