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Table 1 Data collection description and timeline for farmer and non-farmer groups

From: Cholinesterase Research Outreach Project (CROP): measuring cholinesterase activity and pesticide use in an agricultural community

Variable Baseline (T0) Visit 1 (T1, 1 mth) Visit 2 (T2, 2 mth) Visit 3 (T3, 3 mth)
Body weight X X X
Height X X X
Waist circumference X X X
Hip circumference X X X
Body fat % X X X
Blood pressure X X X
Pulse rate X X X
Fasting blood glucose X X X
Fasting blood cholesterol X X X
Fasting triglycerides X X X
HDL cholesterol X X X
LDL cholesterol X X X
Erythrocyte Cholinesterase (EAChE)
Description of monthly chemical use
Kessler (K10) X X X
Chemical Usage Survey X X X