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Fig. 2

From: Overview of systematic reviews on the health-related effects of government tobacco control policies

Fig. 2

Overview of results from strong and moderate quality systematic reviews published since 2000. A green square indicates the review found the intervention had a beneficial effect on the outcome measure. A yellow square indicates the review found an unclear or conditional effect. A red square indicates the review found the intervention had no effect. Thomas et al. 2008 could not be included in this table under “Protect people from tobacco smoke” since it looked at the effect of smoking bans on social inequalities in smoking; it did not evaluate their overall impact or the conditions under which they are effective. Kohler & Minkner 2014 conducted a review of state smoke-free laws and petitions, initiatives and referendums to protect non-smokers in Germany, finding 56 laws and amendments and 15 initiatives. HE = Health Evidence; HSE = Health Systems Evidence; RC = Rx for Change

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