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Table 5 SNOMED codes

From: Impact of opportunistic testing in a systematic cervical cancer screening program: a nationwide registry study

Modified World Health Organization classification Normal cells Atypical Mild dysplasia Moderate dysplasia Severe dysplasia Carcinoma in situ Carcinoma Inadequate
Bethesda classification Normal cells ASCUS, ASC-H, AGC LSIL HSIL Carcinoma Inadequate
SNOMED codes: M00100,M00120,M00121, M00122,M01111,M02561, M09450,M09462,M09463, M09460,M11600,M11610, M4…. AND NOT M09010, M51620, M58…, M69520, M69780 AND NOT M09010, M69784, M69810, M69820, M69880, M72…, M73… AND NOT M73005 OR M73225,OR M73229, OR M73309, M74030, MYY122 ASCUS:M67014, M69711, M72125, M73005, M69700, M73225 M67016, M74a.9, M69701,M76701, M76720,M69790 and not (M67014 OR M69711 OR M72125 OR M73005 OR M73225 OR M69700), M76700 HSIL: M67017, M69702, M69703, M69760, M740.9, M74c.9, M74b.9, M74HG9, M697X0. M8…3 OR M9…3, M80011, M80015 M09010, M09011, M09012, M09013, M09014, M09015, M09016, M09017, M09018, M09019, M09070, M09000, M09100, M09140, M09145, M09150, M0901X, M0901Y, M30610, M37000, M69780, M54310
Carcinoma in situ: M80702, M80732, M80762, M80812, M80102, M80722,
Adenocarcinoma in situ: M81402,M73309
ASC-H:M67010 AGC:M67020, M69712, M69762
Women registered with a code with recommendation of control.
SNOMED codes: ÆAA001, ÆAA002, ÆAA003, ÆAA004, ÆAA005, ÆAA006, ÆAA007, ÆAA008, ÆAA009, ÆAA00A, AA000B, ÆAA00E, ÆAA010, ÆAA011, ÆAA012, ÆAA013, ÆAA014, ÆAA015, ÆAA018, ÆAA019, ÆAA01G, ÆAA01H, ÆAA01I, ÆAA01K, ÆAA01Y, ÆAA020, ÆAA021, ÆAA0X0, ÆAA0X1, ÆAA0X4, ÆAA0X5, ÆAA0X7, ÆAA0Y0, ÆAA0Y1, ÆAA0Y2, ÆAA0Y3, ÆAA0Y4, ÆAAX15