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Table 1 Subject and topic list about Chlamydia testing, disclosure of own testing behaviour and encouragement of others to test, among tested and never tested young people

From: Chlamydia trachomatis testing among young people: what is the role of stigma?

Subject Topic
General Talking about sex and sexually transmitted infections with others
CT testing Experiences of others with testing
Opinion about others who have tested
Opinion about others who are CT positive
Thoughts about testing
Feelings about testing
Reason(s) for testing
Feelings about test results
Disclosure Experiences of others regarding the disclosure of testing and results
Disclosure of testing to others
Disclosure of test results to others
Reasons to disclose testing to others
Reasons to disclose test results to others
Reactions of others after disclosure
Encouragement Encouragement of sex partners to test
Encouragement of friends to test
Reactions of sex partner and friends